Online Student Testimonies
Accountancy, MS:

Sarah Cecil- “Marshall’s online classes allow me the freedom to be able to continue my education while working full-time.”

Adult and Continuing Education, MS:

Whitney White- “The benefits of fully online courses are that they are flexible with my schedule, allowing me to work on my studies when the time suits me.”

Appalachian Studies Certificate:

Brooke Hypes- “Convenience drove my initial choice to complete this program online, but its quality convinced me to stay.”

Business Administration, MBA:

Sawyer Smith- “During my time as a Marshall University Online MBA student, I enjoyed the variety of course options for online students.”

Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MA:

Sarah Schemper- “The professors have been very helpful and knowledgeable, and I feel like I’ve gotten to know people from class despite never seeing each other in person.”

Criminal Justice, MS:

Macie Majoy- “My favorite part of the program was our monthly virtual sessions for each course, which allowed me to engage with my classmates and cultivate the material better.”


Kelley Barry- “The flexibility of an online program was what most appealed to me, as I have young children and in-person classes would have made it difficult to work toward my personal and educational goals. I appreciated being able to adjust my schedule as needed to achieve that balance between family, work, and school.”

Curriculum and Instruction, EDD:

Jennifer Hamilton- “The Curriculum and Instruction program has personally and professionally changed my life, providing me with an in-depth exploration of the field of education and giving me the time to develop a deeper understanding of all aspects of my career as an educator.”


Cassi Rhodes- “Throughout the program, I was able to learn the attributes and higher-level thinking needed as an educational leader to support every student’s learning and development.”

Dietetics, MS/ Dietetics Internship:

Samantha Farnsworth- “I loved that this program allowed me to continue fostering professional relationships with my undergraduate professors while also providing the flexibility of completing my graduate degree online.”

Early Childhood Education, Graduate Certificate:

Brianna Wesley- “I chose this field because I enjoy working with children.”

Education, MA:

Christine Knight- “Completing my degree online gave me the flexibility I needed since I work as a high school teacher 8-9 hours a day during the week.”


Elementary Math Specialist, Graduate Certificate:

Brianna Wesley- “I find it extremely gratifying to help children learn and grow mentally to reach their fullest potential, which is why I chose to complete this degree.”

English, BA:

Dustin Ferrell- “I enjoyed this program because it helped me learn more about my capabilities, and completing this degree online gave me a lot of flexibility in completing coursework.”


General Business, BA:

Bert Roane- “This program allowed me to schedule my time on my terms and gave me the ability to work on the classes at my pace.”

Geography, BA/BS:

Christopher Poitras- “As I enter the final stretch of my last semester at Marshall University,

I cannot help but look back on all the help I have received along the

way, paired with the invaluable skills I have learned throughout my


Geography, MA:

Christopher Poitras- “The distance education program was essential to my educational

success as I worked to complete a Bachelor of Science in

geography, weather broadcasting, and meteorology while maintaining

weather forecasting positions for four Canadian companies.”

Geography, MS:

Christopher Poitras- “The professors in the geography department enabled me to succeed in learning and applying necessary meteorological, climatological, and geographical skills that were imperative to my early career.”

“The distance education program was essential to my educational

success as I worked to complete a Bachelor of Science in

geography, weather broadcasting, and meteorology while maintaining

weather forecasting positions for four Canadian companies.”

Geospatial Information Science, Graduate Certification:

Christopher Poitras- “The phenomenal help I received at Marshall helped ease the stress and anxiety prominent during a university degree; whether it was the support staff or the amazing professors I was blessed to have, I am truly grateful for my time at Marshall University!”

Instructional Technology and Learning, Graduate Certificate:

James Agee- “I liked that the program prepared me for a career in Instructional Technology by teaching me up-to-date best practices and methodology, while the faculty made the program come to life with interactive projects that helped me comprehensively understand the subject matter.”

Leadership Studies, EdD:

Roberts Adam- “The online asynchronous delivery fits my schedule better than other similar programs and is also highly structured and streamlined for optimal progress. I am pleased that the faculty modeled the strict discipline and standards one would expect from a large educational institution. I enjoyed the cohort model, becoming friends with several classmates and learning from one another as we progressed. I highly recommend Marshall’s Leadership Studies program.”

Leadership Studies, MA:

Carly Scala- “The tools I have learned in the Leadership Studies program will help me become a better member of my professional organizations and guide me into impacting my community in the future!”

Literacy Education, Graduate Certificate:

Katie Nestor- “Marshall’s program propelled my career as an educator, provided many opportunities for professional development, and equipped me with the skills to promote and produce literacy with all learners while creating a positive classroom atmosphere.”

Literacy Education, MA:

Gregory House- “The Literacy Education program has done a fantastic job of merging a love of children’s literature, reading, and research into a program of study that greatly benefits its learners, which will then be passed down to their students.”

Mathematics, MA:

Tarryn Porter-“Distance learning classes allow me to learn the material and still have opportunities to see my professor face-to-face. I also enjoy being able to participate in classroom discussions/ presentations”

Medical Laboratory Science, BS:

Kimberly Bowens- “ I am grateful that there is distance learning available,” said Bowens. “I am a single mother who works full-time and just don’t have the time to go to Marshall’s campus. This was the only way for me to further my degree.” “I work in the Molecular Laboratory at LabCorp and what time I am not working I am studying or doing homework. It has not been easy; I recently lost my mother this year and that was a very hard time for me. Distance learning has been hard but a blessing and I am thankful for the opportunity.”

Medical Laboratory Science, BS:

Brandi Mines- “The online courses offered flexibility that was needed for me to complete my degree. Online course made it easier for me to complete courses while working and homeschooling my 3 children.”

Nursing Practice, DNP:

Amber Sines- “Marshall’s online course format gave me flexibility in completing my degree.

Nursing, MSN:

Amber Sines- “After working in the field for a year I decided to return to school and completed my MSN in 2 years while also working in the operating room at WVU full-time. Online courses gave me the opportunity to complete my degree, while working.”

Nursing, RN to BSN:

Randall Carft- “I chose online courses because I live an hour and a half away and due to my work schedule, 3 kids, and the area of study this program fit my schedule.”

Public Administration, MPA:

Sara Price- “The program’s flexibility allowed me to work full-time while completing my degree, and the support from professors and department administration kept me moving forward when challenges arose.”

Regents Bachelor of Arts, RBA:

Kathryn Baisden- “The flexibility of distance education has allowed me to set my own schedule and not miss class or fall behind in coursework as life happens while allowing me to remain close to my family.”


Karen Deel- “Graduating with my bachelor’s degree has been a goal of mine for sometime but I finally took the step in obtaining that goal two years ago, and it is a great feeling to be almost finished. I have worked in health care for the last twenty years and am currently a Director of Ambulatory Operations for Holzer Health System.”

Schooling Counseling, MA:

Cathy Schrader- “The online courses at Marshall University allowed me the flexibility to work around my full-time job and complete my master’s in counseling program.”

School Library Media Specialist, Graduate Certificate:

Katrina Johnson- “Marshall’s online program gave me the opportunity to further my education and follow my dream of earning my School library Media Specialist, Graduate Certificate.”

Social Work, MSW:

David Voigt- “So many professors have made my experience incredibly meaningful for the past two years. The amount of support that they have provided, even though I am simply a distance learning student, has been an outstanding reflection of Marshall University and the value it places on its students. There has never been a time where I did not feel as if the professor treated me as inferior due to my proximity to the campus. Rather they have always been readily available to help in any way possible.

Special Education, MA:

Ashely Lowdermilk- “Throughout this program, I have enjoyed learning about different disabilities and how to teach students of varying ability levels.”

Violence, Loss, and Trauma Counseling, Graduate Certificate:

Brooke Biggie- “My professor, advisors, and Marshall University should feel valued and appreciated for their hard work and for making this possible for individuals like me who still want to further their education but don’t have the means to do so in person.”