Intercollege Transfer Request for Undergraduate Students

Students who wish to update their major may do so by completing an Intercollege Transfer Form.  A major change should only be made after consultation with an Academic Advisor.  Students may also work with the Office of Career Education to review associated careers and opportunities in line with the new major choice.  Changing a major may affect a student’s degree completion timeline.

Some majors require a separate application and may not immediately accept a request for a major change. There are also majors that have higher admission requirements. If a student does not meet the admission requirements, they may be placed into a pre-major related to the major selected on the Intercollege Transfer Form. Students should be sure to review all admission requirements for the new selected major prior to submitting an Intercollege Transfer Form.

The process for changing a student’s major must be initiated by the student. In order to change a major, the student can click here or follow these steps: Student Guide to Intercollege Transfer Form

All major changes must be completed by the end of the first week of the semester.  If a major change is completed after Friday at 4pm the first week of the semester, then it will be made effective for the next semester.