Rec Room








Available for Check-out: 

PS4 Gaming Console & Controllers

  • Kart Racers
  • Need for Speed Payback

 XBOX Gaming Console & Controllers

  • Madden 19
  • FIFA19
  • Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

*The PS4 and XBOX are located in the Rec Room. Remotes, games and controllers must be checked out at the Welcome Desk Equipment Issue. An additional TV is available for members to bring in their own gaming system.


Rec Room Policies & Procedures:

  • The Rec Room is open for use during normal business hours and is regularly monitored by Campus Rec Staff.
  • No nudity, graphic sexual content, or excessive violence is permitted on the screens.
  • Food and beverages are prohibited, except water in closed containers. Cans and glasses are not allowed in the game room.
  • Individuals are permitted to bring in their own gaming systems, controllers, video games and movies.
  • Campus Rec is not responsible for lost or stolen games or gaming systems.
  • Profanity and abusive language are prohibited at all times.
  • Physical abuse to equipment deemed unacceptable by Campus Rec Staff will result in forfeiture of utilization privileges.
  • Users will be responsible for damaged or broken equipment.
  • The Recreation Center’s Rec Room is for the use of Marshall Students and Campus Rec members.
  • Game-related equipment is available for check-out through the Welcome Desk of the Recreation Center (please refer to the Equipment Check-Out policies and procedures for specific policies and procedures).
  • Sitting on the gaming tables is not permitted.
  • Violators will be asked to leave the Rec Room and privileges may be revoked if policies and procedures are not followed.