C. Damien Arthur, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Distinguished Scholar and Director
Location: 739G Smith Hall
Telephone: 304-696-2764
E-mail: arthur133@marshall.edu Website
Contact C. Damien Arthur, Ph.D. for:
  • Center for Consumer Law and Education
  • Master of Public Administration
Cheryl Brown, Ph.D
Contact Cheryl Brown, Ph.D for:
  • Dr. Brown retired in 2020
Hilton Córdoba, PH.D.
Assistant Professor
Location: 210 Harris Hall
Telephone: 304-696-4627
E-mail: cordoba@marshall.edu Website
Contact Hilton Córdoba, PH.D. for:
  • Geography and GIS Systems
Marybeth Beller, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Location: 740F Smith Hall
Telephone: 304-696-2763
E-mail: beller@marshall.edu
Contact Marybeth Beller, Ph.D. for:
  • COLA Faculty Concerns Committee
Mitzi Meade
Senior Administrative Assistant
Location: 738 Smith Hall
Telephone: 304-696-6636
E-mail: meade71@marshall.edu
Contact Mitzi Meade for:
  • Public Administration
  • Political Science
Professor Andrew Morelock
Assistant Professor
Location: 1 John Marshall Way
E-mail: morelock@marshall.edu
Contact Professor Andrew Morelock for:
  • Public Administration
Ralph McKinney, DBA
Assistant Professor of Management
Location: MUGC 340
Telephone: 304-696-5292
E-mail: mckinney23@marshall.edu Website
Contact Ralph McKinney, DBA for:
  • Human Resource Management