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School of Medicine welcomes 21 students for Project P.R.E.M.E.D.


Twenty-one students from colleges and universities around the nation are scheduled to arrive Monday for the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine’s Project P.R.E.M.E.D. (Providing Real World Experiences for future Marshall Educated Doctors).

The annual program allows undergraduate students of color to explore and experience the medical school during a five-day campus immersion visit that includes mock medical school interview sessions, robotic surgery demonstrations, suturing instruction, and discussions with current medical students and residents about life as a physician.

Shelvy L. Campbell, Ph.D., assistant dean of diversity at the School of Medicine, says the pipeline program gives students a real-life look at the processes of applying to and attending medical school.

“We are pleased to offer this program again at Marshall,” she said. “Our diversity initiatives promote an inclusive environment by attracting, recruiting and retaining individuals who represent varying backgrounds.  Programs like this one help support our mission.”

Campbell says students attending are from Furman University, Florida State University, University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, University of Missouri, Howard University, among others including Concord University and Marshall University.

For more information contact Campbell at 304-691-1607.

Contact: Leah Payne, Director Public Affairs, Schools of Medicine & Pharmacy, (304) 691-1713,

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