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Dean honored as WSAZ-TV Hometown Hero

Dr. Michael Prewitt, dean of the Marshall University College of Health Professions, has been named WSAZ’s most recent Hometown Hero.

Every week, WSAZ recognizes people who have made a significant difference in other people’s lives and their communities. Winners are chosen based on their voluntary positive impact on a person or community, according to WSAZ. Prewitt said he was only trying to help the owners of a local business after a severe storm blew out their storefront windows in late June.

“I was driving by Avant-Garde on 4th Avenue after going grocery shopping and noticed they had no windows,” Prewitt said. “The owners seemed in shock because the damage was significant, but I offered to go home and get some things to start helping them clean up. I came back with gloves, trash bags and a few brooms and we got to work.”

Avant-Garde, a furniture and home decor consignment store, is located in the former location of Magic Makers and was scheduled to open the following Monday. For many days after the incident, the owners of Avant-Garde didn’t know who the kind stranger was who stopped to help out, according to WSAZ’s article.

“I didn’t stop to help thinking it would be recognized by WSAZ,” Prewitt said. “I’m a big collector of antiques and when I saw the broken glass covering these pieces of beautiful furniture, it was instinct to stop and offer any help I could. I would hope someone would do the same for me if I were in that situation.”

To learn more about Prewitt’s story and why he was chosen as last week’s WSAZ Hometown Hero, visit its website at For more information about Dean Prewitt and Marshall’s College of Health Professions, visit online.