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Professor emeritus to be featured expert on BBC Radio Wales

This month, Marshall University Professor Emeritus Dr. David Woodward will be a historical consultant as part of a BBC Radio Wales series. The series, “Lloyd George’s War,” examines David Lloyd George’s influence on World War I.

“People think of Winston Churchill and the Second World War but rarely talk about Lloyd George and the First World War,” program producer Ashley Byrne said. “Yet arguably he had a more difficult war. We’d never fought a war like it.”

Woodward, a history professor at Marshall for 37 years, spoke with Byrne during a Dec. 4 remote interview from Marshall’s WMUL-FM studios. The conversation, which will be included in parts 2 and 3 of the series, included details from Woodward’s 1983 book, “Lloyd George and the Generals,” which is the first of eight books from Woodward’s research.

“I’ve been a student of the First World War for 40 years,” Woodward said during the interview. “I spent a tremendous amount of time in British archives.”

Woodward received his doctorate in Modern European History from the University of Georgia in 1965. He taught at Texas A&M University before joining the history faculty at Marshall in 1970. He has written widely on U.S. and British military and diplomatic history regarding the period of World War I. His publications include articles in the Journal of Modern History and other journals, essays in books and encyclopedia entries.

The second and third episodes of “Lloyd George’s War” will be presented by broadcaster, historian and George’s great-great-grandson, Dan Snow, and can be heard via the BBC iPlayer Radio app at following the airings on BBC Radio Wales on Thursday, Dec. 10, and Thursday, Dec. 17.

Photo: Dr. David Woodward, Marshall professor emeritus of history, speaks for BBC Radio Wales’ series “Lloyd George’s War” remotely from WMUL-FM’s Huntington studios Dec. 4. The second and third episodes of the series featuring Woodward will air Dec. 10 and 17.