University celebrates Food Day with the 100-Mile Meal

Last year, over 300 universities across the U.S. organized events to celebrate Food Day and for the third year, Marshall University will continue to join the movement. Food Day, a nationwide celebration of healthy and affordable foods, advocates for better food policies on a local, state and federal level.

Rachel Walker, president of Marshall’s Student Association of Nutrition and Dietetics, said the organization has partnered with Marshall’s Dining Services and the Sustainability Department to host a 100-Mile Meal tonight in Towers Marketplace.

"Food for this dinner will be sourced within 100 miles of Marshall University, helping to support our area farmers and to create a more stable, sustainable economy," Underwood said. "This is an opportunity to educate the public about locally grown, healthy foods and push for a change in the American food system."
Underwood said the meal would be free for all students who have a meal plan and cost $10 for the rest of the Marshall community.

"This will be a meal prepared using local resources. Chicken, dumplings and baked ham, cheese ravioli and hot cinnamon apples with ice cream will be served," Underwood said.

Eve Marcum-Atkinson, interim sustainability manager for Marshall’s sustainability department, which is a sponsor for Marshall’s 100-Mile Meal, said this annual event highlights the importance of practicing sustainable lifestyle choices, such as buying local and eating fresh food. She said she believes the 100-Mile Meal will begin to show students the wealth of food that can be grown in this region.

"We have a tremendous opportunity to have a positive impact. Every time we purchase produce from a local farmer, we reduce our carbon footprint, support small business and help a community member make a living. And, we want to inspire others to care about where their food comes from, who raises it, how it gets here and the effects that food has along the way to our plate," Marcum-Atkinson said. "Everything we do makes a difference. Buying local, growing your own food, and eating fresh, nutrient-rich meals that improve our overall health and wellness—it’s all part of building a more sustainable community."

The 100-Mile Meal will be from 4 to 7 p.m., today, in Towers Marketplace on Marshall’s Huntington campus. For more information about the 100-Mile Meal, contact Walker at mailto:musand@marshall.eduor visit online.