Marshall ID cards now available on iPhone and Apple Watch

Marshall University students, faculty and staff are now able to add their Marshall ID cards to Apple Wallet, and use their iPhones and Apple Watches to access campus buildings, purchase meals and more.

Marshall University is one of the first 10 schools in the U.S., including the University of Alabama, Duke University and the University of Oklahoma, to offer contactless student ID cards on iPhone and Apple Watch. Marshall is the first school in West Virginia to offer this technology.

“We are excited to bring this modern technology to our university community of students, faculty and staff,” said Dr. Edward Aractingi, Chief Information Officer and associate vice president for information technology at Marshall. “The convenience of having university IDs on iPhone and Apple Watch and the advanced security Apple Wallet provides are significant benefits for improving students’ campus life. Our team worked diligently to bring it to the Marshall campus and make it available as many places as possible.”

Members of the Marshall University community can now leave their physical wallets behind and get around campus with just their Apple devices. By simply placing their iPhone or Apple Watch near a reader where physical student IDs are accepted, users can enter residence halls and libraries, access dining plans, purchase food, buy items in the university bookstore or in vending machines, print documents and more.

“I am proud that Marshall University is a leader in the state in offering our students new technology and convenience on campus,” said Marshall President Jerome A. Gilbert.

Marshall Mobile ID in Apple Wallet is not only convenient, it also provides an extra level of security as students no longer have to worry about misplacing their physical cards. School credentials are also protected by two-factor authentication.

“Students arriving to university campuses today have grown up using cashless payments, keyless entry and all of the conveniences of mobile devices,” said Bob Dorado, Marshall Mobile ID project lead at Marshall. “Having our virtual identification card secure in Apple Wallet, which allows students to use their phones and watches to open doors and buy meals, is a technology they expect and we are excited to be a national leader and early adopter of mobile credentials.”

Marshall Mobile ID in Apple Wallet works with iPhone 6s and later, and Apple Watch Series 1 and later. For more information visit


Photos: (Above) Marshall President Dr. Jerome Gilbert makes the first tap using Marshall Mobile ID. (Middle) Marshall University student Sara Alasttal signs up for Apple ID. (Below) Kayla Perry, a Marshall University Research Corporation employee, signs up for Apple ID.