Center for Consumer Law and Education to host student loans-focused event

Old Main on Huntington campus

The Center for Consumer Law and Education (CCLE) will host a “People’s Law School” event at 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 4, in Room 402 of Marshall University’s Drinko Library. The event will be led by the center’s Marshall University director, Dr. Damien Arthur, assistant professor in the Department of Political Science, Joni Magnusson, an instructor in the Department of English at Marshall, and Dr. Ryan Angus, an assistant professor of English at Marshall.

This event will be student-focused, with special attention paid toward the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program and research that the CCLE has done on the application. This event is especially important for students with loans who intend to pursue careers in education, nursing, public interest law, law enforcement, and similar fields, as these public service careers can qualify for federal loan forgiveness. About 99% of applications for PSLF are rejected, so understanding the language of the application in order to properly apply is crucial.

“The CCLE is very excited to have Professor Magnusson and Dr. Angus talk to the campus and the community about the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program,” Arthur said. “The PSLF is one of the most misunderstood government programs, yet it has so much potential as a public good and transformative solution to the student loan crisis. Because of this, the center was enthusiastic to support their research over the past year. We think their talk will shed some much-needed light on this program, help students to learn how to navigate the requirements correctly and greatly benefit so many future participants.”

The People’s Law School series is a community outreach effort geared toward educating people about their rights as consumers. It’s hosted by the Center for Consumer Law and Education, a joint effort between Marshall University and the West Virginia University College of Law, and aims to give the community access to lawyers who specialize in consumer law. At these events, consumers have an opportunity to learn about the laws that protect their rights and resources to contact for help, and to receive answers for their consumer law questions.

The People’s Law School series is part of the CCLE’s broader mission to coordinate the development of consumer law, policy and educational research to support and serve consumers. For more information about the CCLE, go to

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