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Internships in the West Virginia State Legislature

The West Virginia Legislature offers internships to graduate and undergraduate students of West Virginia colleges and universities. These internships are available to all students regardless of major. Students apply for West Viriginia State Legislative internships in the fall semester and, if selected, do the internship in the spring semester during the legislative session.

Anyone interested in applying for an internship may email queries to Dr. Marybeth Beller.

Interested students can read more about WV Legislative internships here.


Undergraduate Level Internships

Frasure-Singleton Interns

Undergraduate students are selected to assist a specific senator or delegate for one week during the legislative session and will earn one hour of Political Science credit in the American State, Local, and Urban Politics sub-field.

During their one-week stay, students are provided an educational opportunity to observe the actions of the lawmaking body. The legislator will guide the intern through the process. The students may be asked to attend specific committee meetings, to view floor sessions and to aid the delegate or the senator with research projects or constituent requests.


  • Students must be full-time sophomores or juniors and can be any major and/or discipline from any two or four year, public or private institution of higher learning.
  • Students also must be in good academic standing with (at least) one course in government.

Judith A. Herndon Fellowships

Undergraduate students are selected to participate for the entire spring semester in Charleston and will earn up to twelve hours of Political Science credit in the American State, Local and Urban Politics sub-field. Herndon Fellows work the entire 60-day legislative session and are assigned a sole legislator from either the Senate or the House of Delegates. After the legislative session is over, students are then assigned to a government agency for the remainder of the semester.

The interns are required to perform research and various staff functions. Among other job-related responsibilities, participants are introduced to and develop an understanding of the politics of legislation, legislative research, bill drafting, the role and function of committees and the executive legislative liaison


  • Students must be full-time undergraduates from any public or private institution of higher learning in West Virginia.
  • Students must have completed 60 undergraduate hours in any major, achieved a grade point average sufficient for admission into their degree program, and completed courses in Political Science or have extensive public affairs experience.
  • Students must submit three letters of recommendation, academic transcripts, and a written essay on a specified topic.


Graduate Level Internships

Walter Rollins Scholars/Robert W. Burk, Jr., Student Interns

Graduate students spend an entire semester in Charleston and earn up to nine hours of graduate credit at the 600 level in Political Science in the American State, Local, and Urban Politics sub-field.

West Virginia graduate students are chosen to assist lawmakers serving in leadership positions of the Senate and the House of Delegates.

Walter Rollins Scholars participate in the lawmaking process by researching relevant issues, assisting in preparation for floor deliberations and monitoring legislative activity under the direction of those in the highest positions of legislative leadership.

Robert W. Burk, Jr., Student Interns assist standing committee chairpersons and other leading senators and delegates. These students receive firsthand knowledge by observing the making of public policy, studying how the legislative structure bears upon the manner in which decisions are made and aiding legislators in their daily work activities.


  • Students must be enrolled and in good academic standing in a graduate program at an accredited public or private college or university in West Virginia.
  • Students can be of any major.
  • Students must submit a completed application packet which includes three letters of recommendation, academic transcripts, a past research paper, and a letter of interest.