Sharon Brescoach, MA

Charlotte Pritt, Voice of the People, Media Target, or Unprolific Prophet: Experiences of the 1992 & 1996 West Virginia Gubernatorial Campaign

Based on qualitative methods, this study investigates the experiences and opinions of the candidate herself, members of the news media, and a sample of the state’s voters. The purpose of the project is to provide some insight into the possible roles of both the mass media and power brokers (big business, politicians, special interest groups) in the eventual political defeat of this female candidate who was said to be the “people’s candidate.”

Ms. Brescoach has taught English and journalism classes as an adjunct instructor at Marshall University, the University of Charleston, and Fairmont State College. She has also taught and assisted in teaching classes at the College of Communications and Information Studies at the University of Kentucky. Ms. Brescoach has also worked as a publications consultant, a free-lance writer and desktop publisher, a radio account executive, a radio sales/production assistant, and as CSEGA’s administrative assistant. In addition to participating in several research projects dealing with women in the media, Ms. Brescoach also assisted another CSEGA scholar affiliate (Karaleah Reichart) with her research on the roles of women in industrial conflict in southern West Virginia’s coal fields.