Maura Conway

Catholic Women
in Appalachian Labor Relations

Maura Conway of Huntington, West Virginia has been named a Student Affiliate of the Center. She earned her B.A. in sociology at Marshall University and is currently working toward her M.A. in Sociology also at Marshall University. Ms. Conway is a graduate assistant at CSEGA.

The title of Ms. Conway’s project is Catholic Women in Appalachian Labor Relations. She will study the wives of men who were members of the Catholic Men’s Association, a labor organization, in the earlier part of the century to mark their perceptions of religious prejudice, gender relations, and Appalachian identity.

Ms. Conway was a panel participant in Technology and Oral History at the 1998 West Virginia Sociological Association/Political Science Association Conference. She presented Beyond the Lehr: Perceptions of Corporate Wisdom and Prejudice at the 1999 Appalachian Studies Association Conference. This presentation was the result of her work as a graduate assistant to Dr. Roberta Campbell on the Owens Illinois Oral History collection.

In Spring 2000 she will present “The Significant Contribution of Catholic Women to Appalachian Life” at the CSEGA Conference.

In 1998, Maura founded the Appalachian Studies Student Network, which hopes to link students with the Appalachian Studies community.