Dr. Roberta M. Campbell

robertacampbell1998 Rockefeller Scholar-in-Residence

Convergence of Gender and Cultural Heritage

Dr. Campbell’s research project uses the oral histories of former Huntington Owens-Illinois Glass Company employees to examine the ways in which gender, cultural heritage, and class shape individual perceptions and lifestyles. The oral histories were collected as part of a project completed by Marshall University’s Oral History Program.

Dr. Campbell earned her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Kentucky. She earned her B.A. from Morehead State University and her M.A. in rural sociology from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Campbell has taught at the University of Kentucky and the University of Cincinnati. She has also worked as a research assistant on numerous projects such as the University of Kentucky’s Persistent Poverty Project and Rural Small Schools Needs Assessment Project.

Dr. Campbell has published articles on Appalachian ethnicity as related to identity, educational performance, and gender in several professional journals and in Appalachia: Social Context Past and Present and Down Home, Downtown: Urban Appalachians Today.