Dr. Rosemarie Mincey

Rosemarie_Mincey_Color2000 Rockefeller Scholar-in-Residence

Changing Fabrications: Lives of Appalachian and
Latina Textile Mill Workersin Southern Appalachia

Rosemarie Mincey’s project focused on in-depth life history interviews with textile workers who originally are from Appalachia and textile workers who have emigrated from Latin America and are now working in the region.

Dr. Mincey, who earned a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies in Education from the University of Tennessee and who works for the Center of Literacy Studies in Knoxville, hopes to develop a rich portrayal of how women working in the textile industry in southern Appalachia characterize their perceptions about their own lives and the effects of diversity in a gendered labor field in the region.

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