Distance Dietetic Internship Program Costs

The itemized list of potential expenses below is estimated and subject to change.  Please realize the amount will vary according to individual circumstances.

Tuition and Fees for Distance Dietetic Internship & Master’s Program (2 semesters + summer = 36 graduate credits):

  • Anticipated tuition, which is charged at the same rate for both resident and non-resident interns for the 2024-2025 year:
    • $19,296 (not including the E-delivery course fees discussed below)
      • Respective portions of tuition are billed during the fall, spring, and summer intersession semesters.
      • Tuition amount is subject to increase if University tuition is raised.
      • You are responsible for a $50 E-delivery course fee per credit hour for this program (36 total online credit hours). Please visit the Distance Learning and Tuition Fees Website for more information. Please note: this fee is not included in the dollar amount listed above.
    • Fees for PAL (Prior Assessed Learning) Credits are identical to that of the course fees and tuition

Other Expenses:

Item Estimated Cost
Books and Memberships $1,000.00
Exxat Subscription $190.00
Program Application Fee $25.00
Background/Drug Screen $150.00
Computer $500.00
Webcam with built-in microphone $40.00 or less
Labratory Coat $50.00
CPR Certification $50.00
2 TB Skin Tests $40.00
Influenza Vaccine $15.00
Intern ID Badge $5.00
Meals ($100.00/week) $4,500.00
Living Variable cost based on location
Transportation Variable cost based on location
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Membership Student Member Rate
Onsite Orientation Variable – travel, lodging food