Distance Internship Preceptors

Thank you for your willingness and consideration to serve as a preceptor with the Marshall University Distance Dietetic Internship!  Your experience and knowledge is invaluable to our intern’s success!

Application Process

Individuals who apply for the Distance Dietetic Internship through Marshall University’s Dietetic Internship program must report who their preceptors are prior to submitting their application to DICAS.

As an internship preceptor, you can play a key role in assisting an intern during the application process by identifying other preceptors or facilities that will provide the intern with supervised practice experience in any of the following areas:

  • Food Service Management
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Community Nutrition
  • School Nutrition Education

Key Information and Requirements

The Preceptor Commitment Letter must be submitted by each preceptor

  • Write a short statement (email is accepted) to the applicant stating that you are willing to be a preceptor for him/her.
  • You may include this statement: “This commitment is contingent upon specific requirements of the facility being met.”
  • List the specific dates of his/her rotation with you.
  • Include your contact information (email address, facility and contact phone number) for the possibility of verification and/or clarification (of supervised practice experience) purposes during the intern selection process.
  • The applicant will include your commitment letter in his/her application.

Please review the Prospective Preceptor Letter to learn more about the role of a preceptor in the Marshall University Dietetic Internship.

  • The experiences are planned according to the rotation schedule.
  • An applicant’s rotation schedule must show where the intern will achieve all required experiences and who will be providing the supervised practice experience.

AFTER MATCH/ACCEPTANCE: Following match/acceptance, the Distance Internship Coordinator will provide the intern with a Supervised Practice Facility Information Form that must be completed for each facility the intern completes/plans to complete supervised practice. If the facility form has been completed for a previous Marshall University intern, you do not need to complete this form again.

In addition, the Distance Internship Coordinator will provide the intern with a Preceptor Information Form. This form must be completed by each preceptor providing supervised practice experiences for the intern. If you have been a preceptor for Marshall University interns in the past, you do not need to complete this form again.

A Marshall University Dietetic Internship Affiliation Agreement will be completed and signed by a representative of the facility and by a representative of Marshall University once the intern is accepted.