Marshall University Nutrition Education Program

Marshall University Nutrition Education Program (NEP) is a federally funded grant program through the USDA Food and Nutrition Services and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed). The program provides SNAP-Ed to low-income individuals and families who are eligible to receive SNAP benefits. NEP offers education services during school hours as well as conducting after school programs and involves nutrition education at various levels, targeting school-aged children.

Mission Statement

Stimulate behavior change related to healthy eating and physical activity by creating multiple opportunities to learn and practice these goals.

How Schools Qualify

To qualify for NEP services, 50% or more of the student population in the school must be eligible to receive free and/or reduced lunches under the National School Lunch Program.

Program Services

Marshall’s Nutrition Education Program (NEP) provides an array of services. Primarily, it provides nutrition education in the classroom setting utilizing standardized curriculum-based nutrition lesson plans for teachers to assist them in meeting state mandated CSO’s. Nutrition educators also participate in health fair events as well as other school sponsored events. NEP educators also provide schools with such resources as bulletin boards, posters, nutrition-themed books (Accelerated Reading Program Approved), gardening resources (vegetable/fruit seeds, soil, gardening tools, watering cans, gardening gloves, etc.), extension lessons to reinforce healthy eating and promote physical activity. The nutrition educators provide opportunity for the students to not only learn about healthy foods but also provide opportunity for the students to taste foods from each food group during each lesson provided. The students also receive nutrition newsletters with every lesson so they can have opportunity to discuss what they have learned with their families.

Service Area

Currently, Marshall’s NEP provides services to eligible schools in Cabell, Wayne, Mason, Lincoln, Putnam, and Kanawha Counties. The program plans to expand services to several other counties in the state. Want more information? Find us on Facebook!

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