E-File Your Application

Submitting Your Application Documents by Email Attachments (Preferred Method)

Before you start your application, please have the following documents by attachments ready to upload for your application: (You can send what’s available now and send the missing documents later by the application deadline or the approved extended deadline.)

1) Your most recent Resume (In chronological order from past to present. Dates must be detailed to month and year. Multiple pages should be combined in one file.)

2) your 500 Word Essay ‘Why I want to teach in China’;

3) copy of College Transcript, GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale (Scanned copies acceptable. Please combine multiple pages of your transcript in one file.);

4) a copy of your highest College Diploma or an official Graduation Verification Letter from your university verifying your graduation date (If you have not graduated when you apply, your expected graduation date must be no later than June 15th for the fall teaching placement of the same year);

5) a digital passport size Visa Picture (Please dress formal or professional);

6) copy of your Passport Photo Page or a copy of your Driving License if you do not have a passport (Your passport copy must be submitted within 3-4 weeks after your full acceptance to the program);

7) two to three signed Reference Letters from people who have direct knowledge of your qualifications for the teaching position; and

8) $150 Application Fee by check or money order

Note: After the acceptance into the program, health exam and criminal record check will be required . Degree and criminal record check must be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate designated for the State where these documents are issued,  in order to obtain your work permit in China.

When preparing for your digital Documents for your application, documents scanned and submitted as attachments should meet the following requirements:

A. Your document attachments should be in the following file formats:

DOC or DOCX files (for your resume and essay)

JPG file (for your passport picture)
PDF (for all other scanned documents)

B. The resolution should be set to be between 150 dpi to 200 dpi for the scanned documents.

C. Each scanned attachment should be no larger than 1 MB.

D. Each attachment should be named in the following format:

Last Name, First Name-Document Name

For example: For John Smith, his application documents should be named as:

1. Smith, John-Resume
2. Smith, John-Essay
3. Smith, John-Passport OR Smith, John-DrivingLicense (If you don’t have your passport yet)
4. Smith, John-Diploma OR Smith, John-GraduationVerification (If you haven’t received your diploma)
5. Smith, John-Picture (Two hard copies must still be sent after you are accepted)
6. Smith, John-Transcript
7. Smith, John-Reference1

8. Smith, John-Reference2

Please do not combine all your upload document attachments in ONE file.

Before you upload your attachments for your  application, please check that the imaged documentation is clear and readable, and not upside down or partially missing.

We suggest you print this instruction for easy reference list when you prepare for your full


Please do not hesitate to contact us at gochina@marshall.edu if you have any questions.

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Please send your application to gochina@marshall.edu