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Qualifications for the Teaching Positions

Here is what you need to qualify:

  • A teaching degree/license or an advanced degree*, or a baccalaureate degree in teaching or English related fields plus two years of working experience after graduation (*Teaching degree/license or an advanced degree must be obtained before or by June 15th of the departure year)
  • An overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale (Conversion Guide for UK applicants)
  • 10-11 month commitment beginning late August
  • An excellent command of NATIVE written and spoken English
  • Must be able to obtain a US, or UK or Canadian passport
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity or study abroad experience
  • Completion of application including 500 word essay outlining your reasons for wanting to Teach in China
  • A $150 application fee (non-refundable)
  • Health exam and criminal record check will be required after the acceptance in order to obtain your work permit in China. Degree and criminal record check must be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate designated for the area where these documents are issued.

Teaching Duties

Although teaching duties vary from one school to another, average teaching loads range from 16 to 20 hours of instruction per week. The emphasis of teaching is on English language and North American culture. Many teachers may teach English composition, reading, speaking and American literature as well. Some teachers may also teach courses in subject fields such as music, history, geography, or science courses in some international schools. As with positions in the states, teachers are expected to write lesson plans, take attendance, correct homework and even assist in academic counseling when needed.