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Participants’ Webpages and Testimonials

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(Most of our program participants now post their stories about their China teaching and living experience on their personal Facebook accounts and on different social media sites. You will find many interesting stories of our program participants through Google search.)

willandannainchina – (AATC 2011, 2012 Participants) The first question everybody asks:  how is China? The other big question: How is teaching? Will and Anna have shared their thoughts and first hand stories about their teaching and living experience in China.

Transitions Abroad Participant Report – Diana Patricia Maxwell (AATC 2006 Participant) Teaching positions are available almost everywhere in the world, much to an American’s advantage. My decision to teach internationally began with a simple Internet search.

Gary Ma in China – (AATC 2004 Participant) I consider myself a traveler; having left my comfort zone; trying to put the world into perspective.

Severance’s Family in China – (AATC 2002 Participants) Yep. Moving to China …

Living Abroad in China – (AATC 2000 Participants) Stuart and Barbara Strother — a husband and wife team who have long been traveling, living, and working in China — provide background and tips for turning dreams of living in China into a reality. In excerpts from Moon Living Abroad in China they offer advice on acquiring a visa, prime living locations, moving considerations, how and where to find work, and much more..

Jocelyn’s Speaking of China – (AATC 1999 Participant) Coming to work or live in China never crossed my mind. How did I end up in China and fall in love with China? Come with me to explore China! We’ll find the nooks, crannies, and odd corners…and enjoy the surprises and wonders. And, maybe you’ll fall in love too… you never know. 🙂

Kitty McTyre – (AATC 1996 Participant) Woman Fulfills Dream with Stay in Shanghai