Talent Search-Cabell

What is Empowering Appalchia Talent Search (TRIO)?

TRIO is funded through the Department of Education to provide academic support to 600 middle and high school students in Cabell County who demonstrate the ability and desire to succeed in college or a vocational/technical school.  Working one-on-one with students, the TRIO staff is committed to helping students reach their fullest potential.

We provide services to students at the following Cabell County Schools:

Huntington High School           http://hhs.cabe.k12.wv.us/
Beverly Hills Middle School       http://www.edline.net/pages/Beverly_Hills_Middle_School
Enslow Middle School               http://www.edline.net/pages/Enslow_Middle_School
Huntington Middle School       http://hms.cabe.k12.wv.us/