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Robin McCutcheon

Assistant Professor of Economics Finance & Economics
Work CH 266 Work Phone: 304-696-2668
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Biographical Info

Academic Credentials:

PhD August 2009 from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan (specialized in Industrial Organization & Labor (Race & Gender))
Master of Arts 2000 from Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan (concentration in Applied Microeconomics and Macroeconomic Theory)
Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Sciences 1992 from Eastern Michigan University

Professional Experience:

Actuarial technician, benefits manager (focused on health care, retirement, and terminated vested benefits), and small business owner/operator (focus on retail/wholesale sales, product distribution, and reproduction of business success via multi-level marketing).

Courses Taught:

Principles of Micro- & Macro-economics
Foundations of the History of Economic Thought
Intermediate Microeconomics
Economics of Race & Gender (Ethnicity & Gender)
Economics of Human Resources (Labor Economics)
Quantitative Methods (Business Statistics)

Research Interests:
My research interests are scattered wide and are varied. I’m keen to understand the macroeconomy, the stock market & stock pricing, money & banking, demographics, and the long-run trends in all of the above. I’ve recently discovered an interest in understanding the unintended consequences of public policy, and be able to predict with accuracy the outcomes of policy actions in the broad economy, the stock market, and particular industries.
I love teaching so I’m always on the trail of how to be a Master Teacher (the one who can interest anyone/everyone in her course contents and get active participation from 100% of the students in & out of class).

Categories: Finance and Economics