Internships & Jobs

Why should I participate in an internship?


  • Obtain hands-on experience
  • Be involved in real world problems
  • Explore different career fields
  • Enhance my resume
  • Build a professional network
  • Receive course credit
  • Receive compensation

How do I find an internship?

  • The Office of Career Education provides students with guidance in finding internships, creating a resume, and practicing interview skills.
  • The John F. Rahal Center for Strategic Engagement helps connect students with employers that are seeking business majors for internships and jobs.
  • Faculty members often hear about internships in their fields. Make sure you talk to your professors.
  • Internet job search sites can be especially helpful when looking for internship opportunities around the country.
  • Companies often list internship opportunities on their company webpages.
  • Your personal network is a good source for finding out about internships. Ask people that you know if they are aware of any internship opportunities.

Can I receive course credit for an internship experience?

Yes, the Brad D. Smith Undergraduate School of Business offers an opportunity for students to earn course credit for an internship experience.  Follow this link for information on how to apply for course credit for an internship experience.

What if I am participating in an internship, but not applying for course credit? Do I need to submit any documentation?

We encourage students to participate in internships whether they are applying for course credit for the internship or not. While there is no documentation required for students participating in internships that are not for course credit, we would greatly appreciate students tell us what they are doing! This helps up learn about what opportunities may exist for future students and get an understanding of all of the great work that current students are doing. To submit your internship (not for course credit) information, go to this webpage –; select College of Business – Internship (non-course credit) for the Experience Type.

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