Online BA in General Business

The Lewis College of Business, Brad D. Smith Undergraduate School of Business offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Business. This degree is delivered 100% online. This means students can complete the whole degree without coming to campus and without have to meet at designated times to complete lessons. The program is flexible and convenient. All class are Quality Matters approved meaning they are developed with the utmost quality and care to deliver the best education possible.

Program Features

The Online BA in General Business degree does not require you to choose a major. The “major” comes from 24 hours of any combination of upper level LCOB classes. For example, you can take classes in management, marketing, accounting, economics/finance to create your major. This will provide broad business knowledge that you can use in a variety of careers.

The focus of the Online BA in General Business is on degree completion. The LCOB developed this degree because only half of college students complete a degree in six years. This program is geared toward nontraditional students including adult learners who started a business degree but never finished it or students who cannot otherwise attend face-to-face classes.

Opportunities & Careers

Graduates from this program will become more employable, more valuable to their current organizations, and more competitive in finding new opportunities. Graduates will contribute to the economic development of their communities and regions.

A General Business Degree can be a better value than a specialized degree if you want to work in many departments, oversee various aspects of the business environment, and maximize the potential for career advancement. In addition, a General Business Degree can give you more options to pursue additional education at the graduate level.

According to, people with a degree in General Business can earn up to $57.000 per year.

Degree Requirements

Classes Credit Hours
General Education Requirements 34
Business Core Requirements 42
Major Requirements* 24
Electives 15-23

Online General Business plan of study.

The 24 credit hours for the Major Requirements are a key feature of the BA in General Business degree. To meet these requirements students can choose any eight 300- or 400-level courses offered by the college, excluding 485 and 490 courses and the business core courses listed above. Some examples of these classes include ECN 456: Labor Economics, MGT 446: Green Management, MGT 419: Business and Society, MKT 344: Retail Management, and MKT 437: Consumer Behavior.

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