The Division of Management, Marketing & MIS offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management. An optional major in Sustainability Management and Technology or an area of emphasis in Health Care Management are also available. Students interested in owning their own business should earn our minor in entrepreneurship. Graduates of the program add value to many types of organizations. They are prepared to meet the challenges of a technological business environment because they have mastered many professional skills.

Students who graduate with a B.B.A. in Management will develop the following skills

  • LEADERSHIP – being held responsible for decisions that will propel the organization into the future
  • COMMUNICATION – learn everything from negotiating with stakeholders to making PowerPoint presentations
  • ANALYTICAL SKILLS – use spreadsheets, databases, and statistical analysis to make strategic decisions
  • INTERPERSONAL SKILLS – managers work directly with employees through motivational techniques and helping them reach their full potential
  • CREATIVE/CRITICAL THINKING – managers solve complex problems with innovative solutions

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Opportunities & Careers

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Vice President/Director
  • Entrepreneur
  • Operations Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Inventory Control Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Industrial Relations Specialist
  • Regional and District Manager

Projected job market data for General and Operations Managers:

Major Courses

  • MGT 419 – Business and Society
  • MGT 420 – Operations Management
  • MGT 422 – Organizational Behavior
  • MGT 424 – Human Resource Mgt.
  • MGT 428 – Negotiations
  • Management Electives (15 hours)

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