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Thundering Thirteen

The Lewis College of Business’ “Thundering Thirteen” awards were created to honor some of our outstanding students from each of our Undergraduate Majors. These students were hand-picked by faculty in each of our departments, promoting some of our most involved students with high academic achievement.

Katie Potter – Accounting

Hometown: South Lyon, Michigan

Katie Potter is an Accounting Student and is also on the Marshall Women’s Golf Team. Having always enjoyed working with numbers, she quickly took a liking to accounting, and as she advanced further in her program, she learned it takes analytical and problem-solving skills as well. Also having a Legal Environment Minor, she mentioned she appreciated how accounting can be utilized to catch fraud and coincide with litigation. She is looking to pursue her MBA post-graduation and plans to maintain the role that athletics have played in her life, ideally pairing her love for accounting with her love for sports.

Emma Cox – Aviation Management

Hometown: Hurricane, West Virginia

Emma enjoys Aviation Management due to it being unlike any other program of study. She showed great excitement over the fact that she gets to fly planes for school, and to eventually get paid to do so. Emma can be quoted saying “There is no better or more freeing feeling than flying, and I am so blessed that Marshall has the most beautiful fleet of planes!”. Emma desires to go into corporate aviation for her future career.

Ben Adkins – Economics

Hometown: Ona, West Virginia

Ben is a driven student from Ona, West Virginia, whose academic journey at Marshall University has been marked by valuable insights and practical skills. Ben’s passion for finance and economics stems from the intersection of economic theory and informed investing. This passion has guided his career aspirations, with a current focus on venture capital and financial planning. Securing a position as an investment analyst with WVJIT, Ben aims to contribute to decisions benefiting West Virginia while also aspiring to empower individuals in achieving financial goals and enhancing financial literacy. His story underscores the importance of practical skills and unbiased financial guidance in navigating the complex world of finance.

Liam Gue – Entrepreneurship

Hometown: Barboursville, West Virginia

Liam finds immense value in the Entrepreneurship Major, where he gains a comprehensive understanding of business fundamentals alongside creative problem-solving and innovation skills. Liam’s career aspirations are deeply rooted in his family business. He aims to play a significant role in running and eventually acquiring ownership in his family’s restaurant franchise, Guthrie’s. Liam credits his classes for shaping his approach to improving customer service and refining business practices. The entrepreneurship program’s emphasis on creativity and innovation has equipped him with valuable skills to devise unique solutions and approaches in the business world.

Brady Doyle – Finance

Hometown: Coal Grove, Ohio

Brady’s passion for Finance stems from its seamless integration with accounting and broader business concepts. Finance offers him a lens into the future, enabling him to assess business value and performance—a skill set vital for his career aspirations. Starting in public accounting, Brady aims to emulate Warren Buffett’s philosophy of interconnectedness between investing and business acumen, striving to become a versatile professional adept in business, investing, and accounting, charting a fulfilling career trajectory.

Scott Coleman – Health Care Management

Hometown: Hamlin, West Virginia

Scott is passionate about improving efficiency, quality, and access to care. Being a Health Care Management major, this field gives him the opportunity to work towards those goals. Scott mentioned that he enjoys Health Care Management because it allows him to make a meaningful impact on the delivery of Health Care services. Scott aims to specialize in Human Resources, being drawn to the dynamic nature of HR within the Health Care sector, he said it allows him to contribute to the development and implementation of strategic HR policies and practices.

Erin Roberts – International Business

Hometown: Hurricane, West Virginia

Erin Roberts is an International Business student from Hurricane, West Virginia. She has been running the Global and Multicultural Student Organization for the past two years while maintaining an excellent GPA. After graduation, Erin plans to attend law school, and eventually specialize in corporate law. She expressed that she has always had a great interest in both business and law, and believes that a career in corporate law will allow a combination of both of her passions.

Jamison Lewis – Management

Hometown: Nitro, West Virginia

As a Management major and LCOB student, Jamison finds immense fulfillment in his academic journey. The program has offered him numerous opportunities for professional development, impactful involvement in student organizations/events, and connections with inspiring peers and faculty members. While Jamison’s specific career goals are evolving, he plans to pursue an MBA at Marshall and anticipates securing his first job soon. The LCOB has equipped him with essential business skills and valuable connections, instilling confidence in his ability to excel in any path he chooses.

Adriana Collelo – Marketing

Hometown: Wheeling, West Virginia

Adriana mentioned that she is drawn to marketing for its creative demands and sees the individuals behind the scenes as crucial to campaign success. Adriana values hands-on experience and is considering pursuing graduate studies in Marketing to further hone her expertise. Her career goal is to explore various aspects of marketing, particularly digital marketing, to find her true passion in the field. With a focus on continual growth, she’s ready to make her mark in the dynamic world of marketing.

Mollie Hanscom – Management Information Systems

Hometown: Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia

Mollie’s passion for Management Information Systems (MIS) stems from its inherent fusion of business and technology, perfectly complementing her career goals and her background in Information Technology. Positioned at the intersection of business strategy and technological innovation, MIS equips Mollie with the tools to refine operations, dissect complex data, and drive efficiency within organizations. With the ever-expanding demand for MIS expertise, Mollie’s desired career path promises abundant opportunities for growth and innovation in a dynamic and evolving landscape.

Bert Roane – Online General Business

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

With over 25 years in the retail industry, Bert mentioned that his classes provided him with invaluable insights and perspectives previously unseen in his career. Bert’s enthusiasm for Online General Business stems from the professors’ active engagement with the online community and their commitment to providing effective feedback. With a business degree in hand, Bert aspires to leverage his knowledge and expertise to bring value to any organization, drawn to the flexibility and versatility it offers in shaping his desired career path.

Jonah Ridenour – Sports Business

Hometown: Chesapeake, Ohio

Jonah has always had a passion for athletics and explains that majoring in Sports Business has opened the doors to bring that passion and lead it to a career. He explained that getting an education in Sports Business has given him a much deeper insight into the sports industry that he was previously unaware of. He desires to work as a facilities manager in either the MLB or a Minor League Baseball team, explaining “I love the sport of Baseball, and facilities operation managers have a unique work environment as well as a big impact on the fan’s experience at the games“.

Bella Schrader – Sustainability Management & Technology

Hometown: Huntington, West Virginia

Bella enjoys learning about everything related to sustainability. Double majoring in Sustainability Management & Technology and Entrepreneurship, she expressed that the combination of both has helped her learn more about where she wants to take her future career path. Her ultimate goal is to become an entrepreneur and start her own company with the focus being on sustainability and using business to solve environmental issues, explaining “Growing up in West Virginia, I have always been appreciative of nature and the environment around us, and I knew that I wanted to be able to help in it whatever way I could”.


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