John F. Rahal Center for Strategic Engagement

About the Center

The John F. Rahal Center for Strategic Engagement seeks to raise the visibility of the college as it fulfills its mission to be the major contributor to the region’s economic development.

Center Goals

  • Drive demand for undergraduate and graduate business students.
  • Promote student engagement and professional development.
  • Connect faculty, students, alumni, and corporate partners through strategic projects.
  • Communicate college initiatives to stakeholders.
  • Engage our partners by developing internships and jobs for students and graduates.

Community Connection Highlights

Student of the Month Award Program
The John F. Rahal Center for Strategic Engagement in collaboration with the Student Advisory Board created the Student of the Month Award to recognize outstanding undergraduate students in the College of Business who have contributed to the engagement and community of the college. The program sponsor for the 2021-22 academic year is Cintas.

Cohen Business Professionalism Speaker Series & Certificate Program
Named after alumnus Ron & Sandy Cohen, the series allows students to make the connection between classroom teachings and real-world business applications through meeting and learning from experienced and successful professionals.

Dean’s Distinguished Speaker Series
The series showcases a C-Suite executive who has had significant regional or national impact on the business world.

College Advisory Board
The board consists of leaders from across a broad spectrum of industries, each bringing unmatched experience and visionary leadership to the table. These exceptional individuals gather to provide insight to the College, act as a sounding board, and share best practices and lessons learned from their respective experience in leading some of the world’s largest organizations.

Business Hall of Fame
To be inducted into the Lewis College of Business Hall of Fame is the highest honor awarded to business leaders by Marshall University. Nomination requires that candidates be of the highest moral character and their business and personal reputations be meritorious. Each candidate will have served in his or her professional life for a substantial period of time, and each candidate must either be a graduate or have made a significant impact on Marshall University.

Business Student Organizations
Student organizations are an important part of the Lewis College of Business and provide valuable interaction, knowledge, and experience for those who participate. There are incredible networking opportunities that have proven year after year to be one of the best sources of job opportunities upon graduation.

Student Advisory Board
The Student Advisory Board is composed of student leaders representing each student organizations within the College of Business. These representatives are actively engaged in the College and provide a sounding board for student concerns. The Board works with the Dean and faculty of the College on projects to improve student learning and to enhance the student experience.

Corporate Partners
Our partnerships help create closer ties to the business community, the future employers of our graduates. They provide support for scholarships, experiential real-world learning opportunities, research, and many other enterprising initiatives that advance excellence in business education.

Internship Program for Employers

Why should my business participate in the internship program?

  • Internships give students the opportunity to explore careers in their chosen major, network with potential employers, and learn about jobs that are available.
  • The employer also benefits from the internship by:
    • Building your potential employee pool
    • Receiving additional staff assistance during peak times/special projects
    • Providing supervision experience for future managers in your company
    • Mentoring a student
  • See “Benefits of Hiring Our Students” for more information.
  • Have a look at the employers that have offered both internship and employment opportunities to our students.

How long is the internship experience?

  • Internships can begin at any time but usually correspond to the fall, spring, and summer semesters.
  • If a student is pursuing class credit, they must spend a minimum amount hours on the job site (see specific program requirements) to obtain academic credit for the internship together with meeting all the other course requirements.
  • However, if the student’s schedule permits and the business agrees, the student may put in additional hours beyond the minimum requirement.

Should the internship be paid?

  • Although the primary purpose of the internship program is to give a student relevant business experience in his or her chosen field, compensation during the internship experience is certainly an incentive.
  • Monetary compensation also helps to create the atmosphere of employment.
  • To date, most of the internship opportunities partnered with the internship program have provided compensation ranging from a stipend to help pay for the tuition cost of the internship to $9.00 per hour or more, depending on qualifications and class level.
  • See “Compensation” for more information.

How can interns be utilized?

Our LCOB students come prepared with an array of skills and are eager to learn. A few examples of internship tasks are:

  • Accounting/Finance – Handle accounts payable or accounts receivable, Analyze stock market trends, Assist accountants during tax season.
  • Human Resources – Develop handbooks or employee manuals, Pre-screening of applicants, Monthly newsletters, Payroll assistance, Research on regulations and compliance issues.
  • Marketing – Create a new marketing campaign, Create mailing lists, Design brochures or distribution materials, Conduct marketing research, Design charts and graphics to be used at a meeting or conference, Analyze sales data.

What is expected of me if I participate in the internship program?

  • The internship program expects each employer to provide meaningful duties for the student to perform that would enhance the student’s understanding of his or her career area.
  • See “Employer Expectations” for more information.

How can I get the internship process started?

Submit a request through our Employer Interest Form!

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