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Spring Semester 2012

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January 3, 2012, Tuesday 
University Offices Open

January 3, Tuesday — January 6, Friday 
Registration/Schedule Adjustment

January 8, Sunday, 9 a.m. 
Residence Halls Open

January 9, Monday 
First Day of Classes

January 9, Monday — January 13, Friday 
Late Registration and Schedule Adjustment

January 13, Friday 
Last Day to Add Classes
(Withdrawals Only After This Date)

January 16, Monday 
Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
(University Closed)

January 17, Tuesday 
“W” Withdrawal Period Begins

February 3, Friday 
Application for May Graduation
(Due in Academic Dean’s Office)

February 10, Friday 
Last Day to Drop 1st 8 Weeks Courses

February 29, Wednesday 
(1st 8 Weeks Courses End)

March 1, Thursday 
2nd 8 Weeks Courses Begin

March 5, Monday, Noon 
Deadline for Submitting Freshmen Mid Term Grades

March 12, Monday 
Graduate Students: Final Draft of Thesis\Dissertation Due
(in Advisor’s Office)

March 16, Friday 
Last Day to Drop a Full Semester Individual Course

March 17, Saturday, Noon 
Residence Halls Close

March 18, Sunday — March 25, Sunday 
Spring Break
(Classes Dismissed)

March 19, Monday — April 27, Friday 
Complete Withdrawals Only

March 25, Sunday, 9 a.m. 
Residence Halls Open

March 26, Monday 
Classes Resume

March 26, Monday 
Students should schedule appointments with advisors
to prepare for advance registration. (Required for students who have mandatory advising holds)

March 26, Monday — March 30, Friday 
Advance Registration For Summer Session
(for Currently Enrolled Students)

April 2, Monday 
Recommended Date to Apply for December 2012 Graduation

April 2, Monday 
Advance Registration For Summer Session
(Open to All Admitted/Re-admitted Students)

April 4, Wednesday 
Assessment Day
Classes Cancelled for University-Wide Assessment Activities. Students obtain list of activities from department chair. Undecided students should go to their college office for a list. (Evening Classes 4:00 p.m. or Later Will Meet)

April 6, Friday 
Last Day to Drop 2nd 8 Weeks Courses

April 09, Monday — April 20, Friday 
Advance Registration For Fall Semester
(for Currently Enrolled Students)

April 23, Monday — April 27, Friday 
Dead Week

April 23, Monday 
Advance Registration For Fall Semester
(Open to All Admitted/Re-Admitted Students Except First-Time Fall Undergraduates)

April 27, Friday 
Last Class Day
and Last Day to Completely Withdraw For Spring Semester

April 28, Saturday 
Exam Day for Saturday Classes
(and some common finals)

April 30, Monday 
Exam Day

May 1, Tuesday 
Exam Day

May 2, Wednesday 
Study Day
(Exams for Wednesday Classes 3 p.m. and After Will Be Held)

May 3, Thursday 
Exam Day

May 3, Thursday 
Graduate Students: Approved ETD
Must Be Uploaded to ProQuest

May 4, Friday 
Exam Day

May 5, Saturday 
175th Commencement Exercises

May 5, Saturday, Noon 
Residence Halls Close

May 8, Tuesday, Noon 
Deadline for Submitting Final Set of Grades

May 26, Saturday — May 28, Monday 
University Computer Services Unavailable

May 28, Monday 
Memorial Day Holiday
University Closed

July 4, Wednesday 
Independence Day Holiday Observed
University Closed

May 7, Monday — August 10, Friday 
Summer School Sessions
Details Will Be Available by December 22, 2011 at