About Us


Addiction Studies is a interdisciplinary minor aspiring to become a major in the next few years, as it becomes established and demonstrates its worth to the community. The focus is not, as is the case with other addiction studies programs in the US, strictly on treatment.  Instead, this minor brings together disciplines dedicated to understanding addiction, broadly defined. Our courses focus not only on Substance Use Disorder, but also offer studies in behavioral addictions. Our affiliated faculty researches in a variety fields including Anthropology, Criminal Justice, English, History, Psychology, Public Health, Social Work, and Kinesiology. It is our goal to create an even greater diversity in Addiction Studies, offering perspectives from other disciplines.

The driving force behind this program is a desire to empower innovative thinkers who can apply their interdisciplinary knowledge of addiction to developing solutions to this seemingly intractable problem. Anyone interested in a career related to Substance Use Disorder, behavioral addiction, mental illness, and other related subjects–or, people simply interested in broadening their knowledge– are invited to take our courses.

Our Addiction Studies minors, including professionals from any number of fields, such as law enforcement, counselors, medicine, first responders, social workers, and teachers, will graduate equipped with a deeper understanding of addiction disorders and gain skills toward finding and implementing viable, human-first solutions in our communities.  Out students build an understanding the multi-dimensions of addiction as both an individual and social problem.

The War on Drugs has been fought in this country for over a century, and rates pf Substance Use Disorder are many times higher than they were when the war began. Huntington, West Virginia is an ideal place to study the issue given we have been at the forefront of finding solutions.  Among Marshall University President Jerome Gilbert’s primary goals is the effort to enhance Marshall’s role as a leader in the study and treatment of Substance Use Disorder.  The Addiction Studies minor responds to President Gilbert’s call to action; we invite you to join us in finding solutions and taking action.