Administrative Procedures are sequentially numbered and grouped by area:

  • ACAD – Academic Affairs
  • ADMIN – General Administration
  • FIN – Financial Affairs
  • PERS – Human Resources
  • STUDENT – Student Affairs
  • TECH – Information Technology


Academic Affairs

Number Name Effective Date
ACAD-1 Administrative Procedures for Faculty Compensation, Course Ownership, and Distance Delivery Fees for Distance Education Courses Sep 3, 2015
ACAD-2 Administrative Procedures for Credit Hour Assignment and Program Length 
ACAD-3 Administrative Procedures for Diploma and Transcript Authentication for International Use October 12, 2017


General Administration

Number Name Effective Date
ADMIN-1 Designated Individuals October 17, 2019
ADMIN-2 Alterations to Facilities July 1, 2014
ADMIN-3 Freedom of Information Act Request Procedures July 26, 2017
ADMIN-4 Record Retention Schedule July 16, 2015
ADMIN-5 Firearms, Weapons and Explosives Policy June 10, 2018
ADMIN-7 Public Art on Campus Procedure June 30, 2016
ADMIN-8 South Charleston Campus Weather-Related and/or Emergency Closings and Delays December 21, 2016
ADMIN-9 Procedure for Animals on Campus June 29, 2018
ADMIN-10 Food Truck Vending-South Charleston, WV Campus November 12, 2018
ADMIN-11 Procedures for Processing NAGPRA Repatriation/Disposition Requests/Claims December 21, 2018
ADMIN-12 General University Complaint Procedure March 24, 2020


Human Resources

Number Name Effective Date
PERS-1 Employee Sexual Misconduct Procedures August 22, 2019


Student Affairs

Number Name Effective Date
STUDENT-1 Enrollment Status July 1, 2015
STUDENT-2 Missing Person Procedure June 21, 2018
STUDENT-3 Student Disciplinary Procedures August 28, 2019
STUDENT-4 Requesting Textbooks in Alternate Format Procedure July 10, 2018
STUDENT-5 Appeals Process for Provision of Reasonable Accommodations August 15, 2018
STUDENT-6 Procedure for Interpreting Services September 13, 2019