Learning Outcomes - Biomechanics

Learning Outcomes

The following outcome measures have been established for the Master of Science in Biomechanics:

  1. Eighty percent or more of all students admitted will successfully complete the program,
  2. Within six months of successful completion of the program, 90% of graduates will be employed in a biomechanics field, and
  3. Employers of MU biomechanics graduates will rank satisfaction with these graduates at 3.5 or greater (on a scale of 1 to 5).

Additional Program Outcomes

The MSBiomech program will offer the first ever such graduate program in the State of West Virginia provided by a public or private institution. The degree will consist of 36 graduate credit hours designed to be completed over a two year period. Students may enter the program in three ways: 1) post BS degree from any accredited university, 2) full admission post MS degree from any accredited university, or, 3) accelerated masters program whereby a junior with exceptional standing may be admitted into the graduate program prior to completion of all BS requirements. Students entering the program through non-traditional routes of acceptance such as post-master degree will be required to complete the biomechanics courses and meet the MU requirements for graduation and granting of degree. Transfer students will be evaluated for level of acceptance depending upon coursework completed and will need to meet MU requirements for graduation.