Community Cares Week 2022

Marshall University’s inaugural Community Cares Week: Giving Back to the Herd was a success, with hundreds of volunteers pitching in to make a positive impact on the university’s Huntington campus.

The weeklong sweat equity event focused on engaging faculty, staff, students, community members, local businesses and alumni chapters to help check off “To Do List” items on the campus, while giving back to the university that has invested in them, as well.

A total of 451 people signed up to volunteer, working 1,240 service hours. Additionally, there were 53 staff members leading projects, 17 administrative volunteers, a dozen staff or cabinet members serving lunches and five VIP guests who drew daily raffle prizes.

Materials used for projects included:

  • 280 flowers and shrubs
  • 3 trees
  • 720 bags of mulch
  • 45 gallons of paint
  • 20 gallons of gas for pressure washers
  • 50 paint rollers
  • 40 paint brushes
  • 40 pan liners
  • 10 rolls of painter’s tape
  • 10 rolls of painter’s paper

The following tasks were completed by volunteers:


  • new plants, trees and mulch added around Marshall’s One-Room Schoolhouse, Twin Towers East and Twin Towers West, Marshall Commons, Buskirk Hall, Holderby Hall, Prichard Hall, Smith Hall, Harless Dining Hall, Memorial Student Center, Arthur Weisberg Applied Engineering Complex, the Hal Greer statue along 3rd Avenue and the block M sign along Hal Greer Boulevard
  • weeds pulled across campus
  • shrubs trimmed across campus

Pressure Washing

  • Sidewalks and entryways across campus
  • Block M sign along Hal Greer Boulevard
  • Patio and planters at the Education Building
  • Marshall University sign at Old Main
  • Henderson Center bridge
  • Areas outside of East Hall, the Robert C. Byrd Biotechnology Center and the Arthur Weisberg Family Engineering Complex.


  • Areas across campus, including Joan C. Edwards Stadium, the outside wall of Morrow Library and outside doors, handrails and A/C panels at Twin Towers East, Twin Towers West, Buskirk Hall and Holderby Hall
  • painting bathroom stall doors on all six floors of Buskirk Hall
  • painting rooms in Wellman Hall


  • Bench replacements at the One Room Schoolhouse, Prichard Hall and the Science Building


  • Corbly Hall, Prichard Hall, Harris Hall, Education Building, Memorial Student Center: dusting, cleaning windows, cleaning stairways, cleaning lobbies, cleaning classrooms and metal polishing
  • extensive cleaning in dormitories and dining halls

Thrift Store

  • organizing 60 bins of donations from residence hall Green Move Out events
  • cleaning



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