Dr. Robert B. Bookwalter, Ph.D.

Professor of Communication Studies

Dr. Robert B. Bookwalter has been a faculty member in Communication Studies since 1987 and served the department as Coordinator of CMM 103 for 15 years and department chair from 2008-2010. His scholarly interests are in the areas of conflict management, interpersonal communication, group process/leadership, and language/discourse analysis.

A native of San Jose, CA, Dr. Bookwalter received his B.A. in Speech Communication from Fresno State University (http://www.csufresno.edu/comm/) in 1979, his M.A. in Interpersonal Communication from the University of Montana (http://www.umt.edu/dcs/) in 1982 and his Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the University of Kansas (http://www2.ku.edu/~coms/)