The Office of Community Engagement serves as a facilitator and referral service for students and staff who are interested in community service. Our approach to service is multifaceted and includes the following:

  • Direct referrals for students and groups who would like to commit to on-going service projects
  • Development of customized projects with area agencies to meet the goals or requirements of classes and on-campus organizations
  • Assistance with one-time projects such as fundraisers, awareness campaigns, and humanitarian aid.
  • Assignment of community service referrals to allow students to satisfy judicial and community restitution sanctions
  • Organization of community outreach programs to develop opportunities for student involvement in the community at large.

Campus and community agencies are welcome to register with The Office of Community Engagement and provide detailed descriptions of their particular agency needs.  Our office actively assists in coordinating service opportunities that fit the needs of students and student groups with the university and civic communities at large.

If there is anything that this office can do to assist you or your organization, please contact communityengagement@marshall.edu.