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The Marshall University Social Media Ambassador program is a fun way for our students to show others what it’s like to be a student at Marshall. Follow our Social Media Ambassadors on Instagram @MarshalluLife to see a glimpse of the student experience at Marshall.

Meet our ambassadors below and use their personal hashtags to see their posts on Instagram.

2023-24 Social Media Ambassadors

Social Media Ambassador: Semoni

Semoni Weaver

Multimedia Journalism, 2024

Hailing from Richmond, Va., Semoni brings a unique personality and a unique name, saying that “Semoni” is made up of her other family members’ names. Semoni wishes for students to “Do your best to push yourself out of your comfort zone. College transitions can be very scary, but you never know what opportunities you might be missing out on if you don’t put yourself out there, to begin with.” Clearly she takes her own advice, loving to roller skate, craft, bake, and sing with her friends. Semoni loves how close campus is to local restaurants and shops, such as her favorite Calamity J. She hopes to use her multimedia journalism major to work as an art illustrator for a major news publication.

Follow Semoni’s and her adventures on our MarshallULife Instagram: #MarshallUSemoni

Bella Schrader

Bella Schrader

Sustainability Management and Technology Entrepreneurship, 2024

Bella is a Huntington native who also has family in Columbia, whom she visits every year. On these family visits, she has been paragliding over the Andes mountains! As a Yeager Scholar, she plans to become the founder or CEO of a sustainability company. When she isn’t studying at Drinko or interning in the iCenter, she loves to travel, go to concerts, and play trivia. Her advice to students is even though it can be difficult during a pandemic, try to make friends, get involved in clubs, and find projects or topics you are passionate about to pursue.

Follow Bella’s school experience on our MarshallULife Instagram: #MarshallUBella



Mateo Flores

Mateo Flores

Sports Management, 2023

Mateo Flores, making first a journey from Guatemala to Oak Hill, West Virginia, has now made his journey to Marshall University. As a Sport Management and Marketing major, it’s no wonder that Mateo likes to stay up to date with sports, but he also enjoys hanging out with his friends, cooking, watching movies and TV shows, and grabbing dinner at one of the many restaurants in Huntington. While Mateo works on his dream of leading a sport organization’s marketing or social media, he advises others to “take a chance on yourself and take time to understand what you want to do.” Mateo’s favorite moment at Marshall was being a part of the electric crowd during the 2023 basketball season. 

Follow Mateo’s life at Marshall on our Instagram: #MarshallUMateo

Social Media Ambassador: Alyssa

Alyssa Hudson

Social Work, 2024

Alyssa comes from Columbus, OH with her twin sister, who also happens to be an ambassador. Alyssa studies in the College of Health Professions and plans to become an adoption agent in her future. When she’s not hanging out inside the Memorial Student Center, Alyssa can be found reading or working out at the Rec Center. Alyssa encourages students to not be afraid, go out, talk to students, and join organizations.

Follow Alyssa’s life at Marshall on our Instagram: #MarshallUAlyssa



Social Media Ambassador: Ally

Ally Craig

Elementary Education, 2024

Ally, a native of Scott Depot, WV, comes to Marshall to study Elementary Education, aspiring to be a first-grade teacher, enlightening future generations. While she’s on campus, preparing for her dream, Ally enjoys going on walks, sitting by the fountain, singing, and venturing out to Pullman Square. A fun fact about Ally is that she has double jointed shoulders. She always feels encouraged to rise from the ashes after the annual Fountain Ceremony and like many others, believes being involved is the key to a good experience, saying “College is way more fun when you meet new people and get to do other activities besides studying. 

Follow Ally’s journey at Marshall on our Instagram: #MarshallUAlly


Rylee Hampton

Rylee Hampton

Psychology and Criminal Justice , 2024

Rylee comes from Richmond, IN to study Psychology & Criminal Justice. When she’s not busy at her job as equipment manager for the football team, she enjoys spending her time doing her own nails and lashes. Her dream job is to one day work as a head equipment manager for an SEC football team. Her favorite class is Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Crime because, through respectful discussion, it has opened her eyes to some important issues. Rylee wishes to tell students to get connected and “find your people.” Her favorite experience at Marshall has been finding her place among her peers. 

Follow Rylee’s experience at Marshall on our Instagram: #MarshallURylee


Emma Korstanje

Emma Korstanje 

Exercise Science , 2026

Coming from the College of Science is Huntington native, Emma Korstanje. As an exercise science major, Emma’s favorite class is Exercise Physiology because it’s challenging and interesting to learn about how the body reacts to exercise. She has a strong sense of smell, which is probably why she loves baking. Emma wants to become a realtor and a physical therapist, but for now she is a Feature Twirler who loves performing on the field on game day. “Get as involved as you can! Many students quit their hobbies or clubs when they get to college because they want to focus on their academics, but they miss out on making connections with other students and the school, is what Emma would tell the incoming Herd. 

Follow Emma’s life at Marshall on our Instagram: #MarshallUEmma

Bryson Denney

Bryson Denney

Creative Writing , 2024

Bryson Denney a creative mind who joins the Marshall family from Proctorville, OH. Much like his favorite artist, Taylor Swift, Bryson enjoys reading, writing, and poetry. He also is skilled in archery. With a major in English and minor in Digital Marketing, Bryson finds himself interested in working as a copywriter, editor, or digital marketing manager. Marshall has always felt like home to him because he grew up joining his mom at work on campus. Bryson loves vinyl collecting, listening to music, and working on his poetry manuscript when not in class. His advice to future students: “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, it’s okay to not have things figured out right away.” 

Follow Bryson’s journey at Marshall on our Instagram: #MarshallUBryson


Sophie LeffewSophie Leffew

Fine Arts, 2025

The colorful Sophie Leffew hails from Charleston, WV, and is studying Fine Arts and Psychology at Marshall. Sophie has her own studio space in the Art Warehouse, so, if you can’t find her at the MSC, check there. As a Marshall student, she has enjoyed being able to learn about new art materials, other than her specialty, ceramics. Fun facts about Sophie are that she loves Halloween and knows a little bit of sign language. Sophie’s advice is to “always keep your mind open to new experiences and opportunities.” 

Follow Sophie at Marshall on our Instagram: #MarshallUSophie



Makayla WelchMakayla Welch

Graphic Design, 2025

Graphic Design major, Makayla Welch, comes from Milton, WV. She loves interacting with all the diverse people in Marshall’s community and exploring Huntington. During her time at Marshall, Makayla has been able to make new friends, spend time at the Visual Arts Center, and travel to Ireland. Makayla loves exploring Huntington and is passionate about art and music. One word to describe Makayla is “imaginative.” 

Follow Makayla on our Instagram: #MarshallUMakayla



Gracie Queen

Gracie Queen

University Marketing and Communications Intern

From Point Pleasant, West Virginia, Gracie studies Marketing with the hope of working in professional sports. Gracie enjoys hanging around campus, getting coffee at local places, and going to athletic events. During her time at Marshall, she has been able to serve as a Peer Mentor and Presidential Ambassador. A fun fact about Gracie is that one of her goals is to visit every MLB and NHL stadium. She encourages everyone to step outside of their comfort zone, you never you where it will take you.



Morgan Napier HeadshotMorgan Napier

University Photography and Design Intern

From Barboursville, West Virginia, Morgan studies Visual Art with an emphasis in graphic design and is minoring in marketing. Morgan enjoys creating art, being in nature, and listening to music, hoping to channel her creativity into becoming a creative manager in the future. She enjoys hanging out at the Visual Arts Center and Drinko Library. Loving Marshall for the community and how close-knit the university is, she encourages students to get involved and meet new people.



Victoria BlickenstaffVictoria Blickenstaff

University Marketing and Communications Intern

Meet Victoria, a Fairmont, WV native and Digital Marketing and Analytics major with minors in Advertising and Sports Business. She believes in the power of interdisciplinary thinking and enjoys exploring the intersections between different disciplines. Victoria finds joy outdoors and loves to travel. Her dream? To meld her digital skills with a love for sports, envisioning a future in the professional sports industry.




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