Student COVID-19 vaccination registry opens


Marshall University has developed an online process for students to register their COVID-19 vaccination status and is asking students who have chosen to get vaccinated to visit the register to enter their information.

The information in the registry will be used solely to help Marshall’s health and safety officials project future herd immunity associated with vaccine prevalence among our campus community. We know that more than 80% of Marshall’s faculty and staff are vaccinated, and we are now trying to determine what percentage of our student body has elected to receive the vaccine. Our goal of herd immunity—which we are defining as 70% or more of the campus community—is intended to protect the health and safety of our university family and the Huntington community to the fullest extent possible, and to allow our students to engage in-person and more fully in various aspects of university life than they have since the onset of the pandemic.

When you are vaccinated at either an on-campus clinic or elsewhere, we ask you to visit the online registry and enter the requested information. Please refer to your COVID-19 vaccination card for the type of vaccine you received and the date(s) administered to enter into the registry. When you receive your second dose, if required, you should revisit the registry to update your information.

Marshall University does not require the vaccine. If you have elected not to receive the vaccination or if you do not wish to disclose your vaccination status, you can indicate that choice in the registry with no consequences.

Only Environmental Health and Safety, Student Health staff and IT database administrators with elevated rights will have access to individual data. The data will be made available in aggregate to members of the COVID-19 Health and Safety Task Force for the purposes of projecting, modeling and making policy recommendations. Personally identifiable information will not be accessible to members of the task force.

Information about upcoming vaccination clinics on campus and in the community is available on the university’s Coronavirus website.

Marshall University will continue to make safety the primary consideration in its decision-making, and to rely on the most up-to-date scientific information available to make informed decisions about its operations.

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