COVID-19 vaccination registry and reporting third-party test results


The Office of Environmental Health and Safety has two updates for the Marshall University community:

Update Vaccine/Booster Status

All students and employees who are on campus this semester should take time immediately to update their vaccine status and booster in Marshall’s online Vaccination Registry. The university requires all students and employees to complete and keep updated their information in the registry, which now has a field to add details about any booster dose(s) received.

While vaccines are not mandatory at Marshall, keeping the registry current is a requirement for continued compliance with the university’s protocols. The registry offers several possible responses, including an option to not disclose vaccine status.


Register Third-Party Test Results

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety is asking members of the university community to inform them of results obtained through at-home tests or tests done through a third party.

If you have either positive or negative results from a third party, please submit your results via this link.

Test results reported through this link will be added to the university’s coronavirus dashboard, providing a more complete picture of the incidences among the university community.

Please note that at-home or third party tests are not acceptable as a replacement for the university’s required surveillance testing. All required surveillance testing must be done at the university.


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