COVID-19 Masking guidelines updated; CDC Community Level LOW (green)

In this evening’s update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Cabell County’s CDC Community Level (community spread) has improved to LOW (green).

Per the CDC guidelines, a LOW (green) level indicates masks are optional inside public buildings.

Effective immediately, we are adapting Marshall University’s indoor masking guidelines to fit the CDC’s color-coded system, based on the level of community spread any given week.

For instance, if the CDC’s system indicates our community spread is:

  • Green (Low) = Masks are optional indoors.
  • Yellow (Medium) = Masks are optional indoors but are recommended for high-risk individuals.
  • Orange (High) = Masks are required indoors for everyone.

To help the university community and visitors stay current with mask guidelines, we will use a color-coded mask guidance system for the university’s coronavirus website. The website will be updated weekly on Thursdays, when the CDC maps and data update—usually by 8 p.m. It is important to check the website regularly for any changes to masking or other requirements.

We also will post signage with a QR code on exterior doors that will direct people to the university website for up-to-date mask guidance.

Please note the following additional information:

  • Individuals may choose to continue to mask indoors based on personal circumstances. N95 masks are available by e-mailing the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at
  • The plastic shields for classroom teaching spaces will remain in place through the current semester, regardless of the CDC Community Level.
  • Individuals with symptoms should seek testing and follow guidance provided by university contact tracers. Please e-mail
  • Those who may have had an exposure to someone with COVID-19 should wear a mask and seek guidance from university contact tracers. Please e-mail
  • University officials may reinstate masking and other safety protocols at any time, depending on the CDC Community Level in Cabell County.

Marshall University is committed to a safe and health learning environment and is making every effort to continuously assess and respond to the COVID-19 situation in our community.

Thank you for your continued support and efforts to keep us all safe and healthy.

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