CSEGA Scholar Affiliates

The following individuals have affiliated with the CSEGA program and completed research to further the efforts of the CSEGA program:
Sharon Brescoach, MA
Charlotte Pritt, Voice of the People, Media Target, or Unprolific Prophet: Experiences of the 1992 & 1996 West Virginia Gubernatorial Campaign

William Drennen, Jr.
Red, White, Black, and Blue

Lynda Ann Ewen, Ph.D.
Revisiting Buffalo Creek and Everything In Its Path: Deconstructing An Outsider’s Stereotypes

Mary Jo Graham, Ph.D
A study of teen parents and the interventions provided through public schools with the goal of determining if these interventions have any lasting impact on the well being of families following graduation from high school

Karaleah S. Reichart
Women and Industrial Conflict: Strategies of Dispute Resolution in the Southern West Virginia Coal Communities

Karen L. Simpkins, Ph.D.
30-Year Update of Cemetery/Church Homecomings Research done 1970 and 1971: Part II “Timber Trace on Upper Alum Creek, Grant County,” West Virginia

Linda Spatig, Ph.D.