About Health Sciences & Technology Academy

The Health Sciences and Technology Academy (HSTA), a partnership between Marshall and West Virginia universities, is a community-based program that encourages high school students to pursue careers in health care.

Already available in 24 other West Virginia counties, the program provides college tuition and fee waivers for high school students who complete it. The program, which started in 1994, also targets underrepresented minority and disadvantaged students who have potential but need mentoring and support.

There are 729 students currently in HSTA and approximately 469 HSTA graduates using tuition and fee waivers for undergraduate, graduate and professional training. Of the 469 HSTA graduates, 36 currently attend Marshall.

The HSTA program consists of two components, a yearlong academic program offered by a local governing board and a summer institute, which will take place at Marshall July 25-30, 2004. Teachers from throughout the state will come to Marshall to teach the HSTA curriculum.

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