Mr. Brian M. Morgan

Vice President for Institutional Research and Planning / Chief Data Officer
Old Main 200F


Brian Morgan is an accomplished academic leader and technology expert with a diverse background in higher education administration. With a strong foundation in technology management and computer science, Brian has made significant contributions to the field of data analytics and business intelligence through his development of MU BERT, a business intelligence tool that has been used at the university since 2004 as the primary source of real-time data for students, staff, faculty, and administration. His expertise in these areas has enabled him to contribute valuable insights and solutions to the ever-evolving higher education landscape. His career has spanned various administrative roles, including Interim Dean, Associate Dean, Department Chair, faculty, and Director.  Brian’s educational journey includes a Master of Science in Technology Management from Marshall University, where he focused on software engineering. His master’s dissertation, titled “Is Distance Learning Worth It? Helping to Determine the Costs of Online Courses,” delved into the financial aspects of online education. Prior to his master’s degree, Brian earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Marshall University with a minor in Mathematics.

In his administrative roles, Brian has demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic thinking. As Interim Dean of the College of Science at Marshall University, he successfully spearheaded the reorganization of the college’s administrative structure, optimized the budget distribution, helped secure over $8 million in external funding, and established essential committees and policies. Prior to his interim deanship, Brian served as the Associate Dean of the College of Science where he initiated the electronic P&T (promotion and tenure) process which is now used by the entire university, facilitated the transition towards a paperless office environment, and secured funding for rural student recruitment.

With a wealth of experience and expertise in data analytics and academic administration, Brian will be a valuable asset in driving data, innovation, enhancing educational programs, and contributing to the growth and success of Marshall University.

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Marshall University, 1997
Master of Science, Technology Management, Marshall University, 2000
John Marshall Service Award, 2023, Marshall University,in recognition of my design, development, and maintenance of all COVID data, systems integrations, and reporting for the university.
Stephen W. Hensley Dedication to Student Life Award, 2023, Marshall University
Pickens-Queen Teacher Award, 2005, Marshall University
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Program Review Writer, Integrated Science and Technology; Environmental Science; and Natural Resources and Recreation Management (2016)
Committee Member, IST Personnel Committee. (January 2010 - June 2016)
Committee Member, IST Curriculum Committee. (August 16, 2008 - June 2016)
Faculty Mentor, IST/CIT Students. (January 2011 – June 2020)
Committee Member, IST P&T Committee. (January 2010 - June 30, 2013)
Board Member, Umpire in Chief, Fairland Little League, Proctorville, OH. (January 1, 2015 – December 2019)
Manager, Fairland Little League, Proctorville, OH. (March 15, 2016 - June 15, 2016)
Department Head, New Beginning Apostolic Church, Huntington, WV. (January 2011 – December 2014)
Chairperson, Ohio District 11 Little League Baseball, Proctorville, OH. (June 20, 2014 - July 10, 2014)
Umpire in Chief - District All-Star Tournament, Ohio District 11 Little League, Proctorville, OH. (June 15, 2013 - July 1, 2013)