Institutional Data


The Office of Institutional Research provides the public with dashboards containing searchable and filterable reports containing detailed information on Student Enrollment, Degrees Awarded, Credit Hours, and more. Select a dashboard below to begin exploring and slicing the data.


The Office of Institutional Research and Planning regularly publishes the following reports.

Student Data Book
The Student Data Book provides information on enrollment and degrees conferred. Data tables are available for various metrics including student level, type, race/ethnicity, gender, age, residency, and major. The Student Data Book is published each spring semester.

Common Data Set
The Common Data Set (CDS) is a standardized report utilized by higher education institutions across the United States. The report contains answers to many frequently asked questions about the institution in a format that suits cross-institutional comparisons. The CDS format is defined by the Common Data Set Initiative. Marshall University’s CDS is published early in the spring semester each year.

The Bluebook provides historical trends for enrollment, degree, and faculty data. Faculty data are published to the Data Archive (see the Data Archive section below) each fall semester, while the complete Bluebook is published for a complete academic year in August each year.

Standard Answers to Survey Questions
Published twice each year for fall semester data, this report contains summary data for students, faculty, and staff used in the completion of numerous surveys. The first version of this report contains early semester counts and is published by mid-November. The second version of this report contains end-of-semester counts and is published each spring semester.

Publication Academic Year
2023-24 2022-23 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18
Student Data Book
Common Data Set
Standard Answers to Survey Questions

Data Archive

Publications from prior academic years are archived on our SharePoint site and available to Marshall University employees and students with an active Marshall University domain account. Internal reporting resources with restricted access are available via InforMU.

Quick Facts

College Undergraduate Graduate First Professional Total
Arts and Media 385 12 0 397
Aviation 127 0 0 127
Business 1000 406 0 1,406
Education and Professional Development 611 1,088 0 1,699
Engineering and Computer Sciences 718 100 0 818
Graduate* 0 108 0 108
Health Professions 1,723 322 101 2,146
Liberal Arts 798 234 0 1,032
Medical School 0 93 301 394
Regents BA 215 0 0 216
School of Pharmacy 4 12 151 167
Science 1,033 89 0 1,122
University College 1,638 0 0 1,638
All Colleges 8,252 2,464 553 11,269

*The Graduate College includes only those students enrolled in graduate programs not included in the other colleges.

Level Degree # Enrolled % of Baccalaureate/Master’s
Undergraduate BS Health Sciences 441 6.4%
BS Biological Science 383 5.6%
BA Psychology 306 4.5%
BSN Nursing 285 4.2%
RBA Regents’ Degree 212 3.1%
BBA Management 187 2.7%
Graduate MA Counseling 262 12.6%
MBA Business Administration 139 6.7%
EdD Leadership Studies 105 5.1%
MSN Nursing 95 4.6%
MSW Master of Social Work 79 3.8%
Level Degree # of Degrees % of Degrees at Level
Undergraduate BBA Business Administration 165 11.7%
BA Regents Bachelor of Arts 141 10.0%
BS Health Sciences 132 9.3%
BSN Nursing 106 7.5%
BS/BA Psychology 102 7.2%
BS Biological Science 68 4.8%
Graduate MA Counseling 95 12.6%
MSW Social Work 54 6.9%
MBA Business Administration 53 6.7%
MA Psychology 39 4.9%
MA Leadership Studies 36 4.6%
MSN Family Nurse Practitioner 35 4.4%
Advanced Graduate MD Medicine 79
PharmD Pharmacy 54
DPT Physical Therapy 34
DMP Nurse Anesthesia 25
EDS School Psychology 22

External Surveys

Institutional Research and Planning is responsible for fulfilling both federal and state reporting requirements as mandated. Two key examples of this compliance is our submission of the IPEDS surveys, which are required at the federal level, and the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission surveys as required by the state.