Online Doctor of Education degree in Leadership Studies

Cap off your education credentials with a doctorate that you can pursue completely online.

Institutions and organizations need individuals who understand not only how to motivate and lead others, but who can effectively manage the other requirements of leadership: the financial and legal, the human and political, and the moral and ethical. Few careers offer such a broad array of opportunities – and challenges. The leadership studies doctorate is for people who are up to the task.

The Ed.D.  in Leadership Studies is designed for individuals who aspire to leadership positions in their professional communities, whether those communities are schools, universities, non-profits or philanthropies, state or federal government organizations, NGOs, the military, social service agencies, etc.  The program therefore welcomes a broad range of applicants who represent diverse institutions and organizations and who are committed to cultivating a deeper understanding of leadership and improving their competence as researchers.

Students benefit from a content core that is grounded in fundamental leadership principles and practices and supported by the study of ethics, legal and financial issues, and contemporary policymaking. This core is complemented by a research block that develops students’ skills in not only evaluating and applying research to the problems of leadership practice, but in designing and executing research for purposes of guiding decision-making in their professions. Faculty also emphasize the improvement of each student’s oral and written communication skills.

Marshall’s Ed.D. program in leadership studies consists of a minimum of 45 graduate hours of acceptable coursework.

The specific requirements include:

  • Major Field:  18 hours minimum
  • Research and Support:  18 hours minimum
  • Dissertation Research:  9 hours minimum