2023 Master Plan

On June 21, 2023, the Marshall University Board of Governors approved the MU2023 Master Plan, which was developed through a months-long strategic process that involved the entire community.

This new, 10-year Marshall University campus master plan replaces one from 2013, which had reached the end of its term.

To align the 2023 plan with the university’s vision, mission and values, the principles used in its development closely followed those set forth in “Marshall for All, Marshall Forever:  A Strategic Roadmap to Future Prosperity.”

The MU2023 Master Plan recommendations are focused on five key themes:

  • Space Optimization
  • Safe Circulation
  • Landscape Activation
  • Enhancements to Each Distinct Campus Zone
  • Building Renewal

Members of the Master Plan Steering Committee and other groups involved in the plan’s development are listed here.

You can view the full presentation here, including information about the master planning process, decision principles, recommendations, and phasing and cost estimates.

The executive summary is available here.

Please note that Marshall University master plans are used only as planning tools. They depict one set of possibilities and are subject to change.


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