Task Force Recommendations

Task Force Recommendations

Following three months of intensive work, the student-driven Title IX Task Force delivered its recommendations to President Brad D. Smith on March 1, 2023.

The following is a summary of the actions the university has committed to implementing as a result of the task force’s recommendations, along with milestone dates and the responsible university office(s) for each:

  • Develop a charter for the Title IX Advisory Board, re-defining the group’s membership, duties and responsibilities based on best national practices. The membership will include a proportional representation of students, faculty and staff members. (August 2023/Title IX Office)
  • Conduct a follow-up Title IX climate survey at the end of the Fall 2023 semester to understand the university community’s perception of changes made since the initial survey in February 2023. (December 2023/Title IX Office, and Intercultural and Student Affairs)
  • Add a reporting line on the university’s organizational chart from the Title IX Office to the Office of the President. This double-solid reporting line, along with the existing reporting line to Legal Counsel, will help ensure the office has access to and a direct line of communication with university leadership, including a monthly check-in with the Office of the President. (April 2023/Office of the President and Legal Counsel)
  • Hold a public forum each semester to discuss Title IX with students, faculty and staff. (February 2024/Title IX Office)
  • Establish a physical location in a student-centered site, where members of the university community will have convenient access to information about Title IX and related programs and services, appointment-scheduling, etc. (August 2023/Title IX Office, and Intercultural and Student Affairs)
  • Create a part-time Social Work internship/practicum position for a graduate student. This graduate student will help deliver therapeutic and other support services upon referral from the Title IX Office. (December 2023/Women’s and Gender Center, and Office of Violence Prevention and Response Programs)
  • Conduct a follow-up review to ensure the recommendations from a March 2022 audit of the university’s student conduct policies and procedures have been implemented, that the Office of Student Conduct is appropriately staffed, and that the staff has access to continuing education and professional development opportunities. (January 2024/Intercultural and Student Affairs, and Legal Counsel)
  • Review and revise the university’s current Medical Amnesty policy and applicable supplementary policies to ensure best practices in support and safety. The Medical Amnesty process and supplementary policies will be promoted and publicized broadly via e-mail communication from the president; in UNI 100 and FYS 100 courses and during Week of Welcome; on the university website; and in signage, fliers, etc. (August 2023/Title IX Office, Intercultural and Student Affairs, and Legal Counsel)
  • Continue the current requirement for all faculty and staff to complete yearly Title IX training, and add a requirement for annual Mandated Reporter and Bystander Intervention training. (December 2023/Title IX Office, Women’s and Gender Center, and Human Resource Services)
  • Require all members of student organizations to complete annual Title IX and Bystander Intervention training courses. (December 2023/Title IX Office, Women’s and Gender Center, and Intercultural and Student Affairs)
  • Ensure key staff in the Title IX Office, and Intercultural and Student Affairs/Office of Student Conduct, attend training from the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA) at least every five years, and that new staff members in those roles attend the training within two years of their appointment. (December 2024/Title IX Office, and Intercultural and Student Affairs)
  • Revamp the Title IX Office website based on best practices. (August 2023/Title IX Office and Legal Counsel)


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