The Albin Wheeler Class of 2014

Stephen Sheler
Stephen is from Ann Arbor, MI. He majored in Physics and minored in Math and German. After Stephen left Marshall, he went to the University of Colorado to study Aerospace Engineering and has worked in the Automotive industry since graduating in 2016. Currently, Stephen lives in Ann Arbor, MI. He works as a Controls Engineering Manager.
LinkedIn: Stephen Sheler
Sarah Abbott
Sarah is from Charleston, WV. She majored in English with a creative writing concentration and minored in Economics, Spanish, and International Affairs. After Marshall Sarah went to the University of Kentucky for an MFA in creative writing (fiction), she now works for the federal government, monitoring and assisting state Medicaid programs.
Savannah Morrison
Savannah is from Ohio. She majored in International Relations and Economics. She minored in Spanish. After Marshall, she went to work for the US Government and lives in Washington, DC.