The Ashland Class of 1995

Anjali Mediratta Brannon

Anjali is from Dayton, Ohio. She has a B.A. Economics and Spanish, and Minors in Math and Religious Studies. Following Marshall, she moved to Washington D.C. with her husband, whom she met at Marshall, to pursue a career in Economic Development. After a few years in DC, Anjali realized she was in the wrong field to feel like she made a real difference. Ayurveda, holistic medicine from India, grabbed her interest, and she looked into it further. She says she found the perfect school and teacher at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, NM, and moved there with her husband for 3 years so she could study it in depth. In 2001, they moved to her hometown Dayton, Ohio, and she established an Ayurvedic wellness center. She is happy to say it’s been thriving over the last 20+ years in a central, commercial location with several practitioners to work alongside. Anjali says she has had the privilege of having family practice residents observe her work as part of their medical rotations. She has taught several Ayurvedic Clinical Pulse Assessment courses to medical professionals and laypeople. She is also a volunteer certified Heartfulness meditation trainer since 2000. She loves teaching people tools to bring their bodies back into their innate balance. Anjali has two children, and she says, “I am grateful to the Yeager Scholars program for bringing me to West Virginia. I would never have met my amazing husband otherwise, who I’ve been married to since we graduated in 1995! Through the program, also I met some pivotal teachers and mentors that shaped my life. Thank you.”

Website: Ayurveda Mediratta Brannon; Facebook: Ayurveda Natural Health Center; Instagram: @ayurvedanaturalhealthcenter; Website: Heartfulness; Facebook: Anjali Brannon; LinkedIn: Anjali Mediratta Brannon

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