The William Willis Class of 2007

Sarah Merriam

Sarah is from Charleston, WV. She majored in Biochemistry and minored in French. Following the Yeager program, she attended the University of Pittsburgh Medical School, UPMC internal medicine residency, and chief residency. Now she is the Assistant Director of Degree-Granting Programs in Medical Education for the University of Pittsburgh Institute of Clinical Research Education. She is also a Senior Education Consultant for Women’s Health Education for the Veterans Health Administration.

Instagram: @sarahbmerri

Sean Collins
Jennifer Gerlach
Marc Houvouras
Roy Harmon

Roy is from Willow Wood, Ohio. He majored in Biochemistry and minored in Biology. After Marshall, he worked as a medical assistant for a year, got married, spent one year in medical school, and then moved to Alabama to be with his wife and daughter. Roy then worked in a veterinary clinical pharmacology laboratory at Auburn University for 11 years before finishing his master’s degree in computer science and software engineering. Now he works from home with his dog as a software engineer for a company that makes clinical trial management software. He also writes open-source software on the side.

LinkedIn: Roy Harmon; Facebook: Roy Harmon;  GitHub: Roy Harmon

Nitisha Mulpuri