The Wolfe Family Class of 2017

David Benjamin Jones
David is from Huntington, WV. While in the Yeager Program, David graduated with a BS in Mathematics and minors in German and Music. After Marshall, David headed south, got a Master’s degree, and started teaching high school. He is a Pisces.
Instagram: @davidbenjones
Sara Felix
Mary Kate Henson

Abby Pullen
Abby is from West Chester, PA. She Majored in Classics and Latin and minored in English and Ancient Greek. After Marshall, Abby got her Masters in teaching Latin from Indiana University. Now she lives in New Jersey.
Instagram: @abbypullen; Twitter: @thepitilesswave
Chandler Milam
Chandler is from Dunbar, WV. He double-majored in history and business management. After the Yeager program, Chandler started working for the Marshall Foundation and is now the Chief Development Officer at YWCA Minneapolis.
Amanda Schwartz